Who we are

Pic courtesy of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society Facebook page

A pretend-to-be young couple, fairly competent drinkers and crazy road trips lovers. Until five years ago, whisky was nothing more than a not-that-frequent post-dinner alternative to Italian amaro or grappa.

Then, the epiphany. Many things happen by chance, and this is also how our first tasting happened. We started sweet, in the very home of bourbon – Kentucky. Clumsy beginning (one of us treated the first dram as a tequila shot), but we came out of the tasting with the clear feeling that there was a whole world to discover.

Enthusiasm and curiosity grew quickly over these few years. After a bunch of distillery visits, a good collection of bottles (and glasses) and plenty of evenings spent talking about whisky, we decided to share our experiences, our passion.

Follow our whisky adventures 🙂